Parasailing is easy, fun and an experience few will ever forget!

Best Parasailing in Islamorada

Parasailors are on the boat up to one hour with a maximum of 12 passengers per boat (flying and non-flying).  Our parasail boats are USCG certified to carry 12 passengers.  When it is your turn, we’ll secure you to the harness and winch you out – either alone, tandem, or even 3 at a time – it’s your choice.  Take-offs and landings are completely dry and totally safe for all ages and skill levels.  Slowly you’ll rise into the air, above and behind the boat. The silence is breathtaking. The view, awe inspiring! Participants must be at least 3 years old in order to parasail or ride on the boat as a paying observer. Parasailors must weigh at least 130 pounds to fly alone. Tandem and triple flights are available with a maximum weight limit of 450 pounds. The captain can increase or decrease these restrictions at their sole discretion based on safety, wind and sea conditions. Below is a video of the experience.

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  • Best Parasailing in Islamorada