Florida Keys Bike Rentals

Unless you plan on visiting all of the Florida Keys, you really don’t need a car to get around. We recommend leaving your car at your hotel’s designated parking for the duration of your stay. Instead, you should rent a bicycle either from your hotel or from any of the bicycle rental shops. This will allow you to have more efficient mobility around town as parking is not easy to come by. It will also let you take in the true island feel of the Florida Keys as you discover the various avenues and their beauty. If you’re not into riding bikes, we also suggest renting a scooter. Again, you can rent one from your hotel or from one of the local scooter rental shops. They over both single person or double seated scooters. The scooters will give you more speed to get around see more of the Florida Keys. If you’re really into adventure, we recommend a long board skateboard. This is similar to Stand Up Paddleboarding but with wheels. This is by far the best way to see the Florida Keys and get an exercise.

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